Our Positioning

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The aluminium production is dominated by a few players in the primary space. These are large scale industries such as Hindalco, Vedanta Resources, and Nalco. In the last few years, these firms have been increasing the installed capacity to cater to the positive outlook of Aluminium in the future. However, China still dominates the primary aluminium production by a huge margin.

The secondary space is often perceived as un organized, with only a few players being able to create a niche for their products.

BFPL's founders have been involved in the extrusion industry for over three decades which has given us a deep understanding of the quality standards and challenges in dealing with extruders.

We procure aluminium extrusions from various dealers, and manufacturers and then process it further.

Our expertise is in converting aluminium extrusions to ready to use finished products. Our understanding of the extrusion industry gives us an unique advantage in helping our customers with the die designing, extrusion process consulting, vendor selection, to finally machining the profiles to convert it to turnkey products.

We hand hold our customer through the entire value chain, and take sole responsibility upto final delivery. The wide range of our offering through the entire value chain sets us apart in the 'Aluminium Market'.